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An engineering or architectural drawing or plan is the graphical means of capturing an idea on paper. The drawing is the starting point or a record of the final product. Our draughtsmen have a flair for drawing and the ability to translate concepts. They are able to visualise three dimensionally and accurately, they have good hand skills, patience, and an eye for detail and are all technically qualified. Our design team works on the latest versions of CAD including: AutoCAD, StruCAD and AutoCAD Advanced Steel. We can prepare designs in 2D drawings and 3D models from a range of viewpoints including: Multi-View, Section, Auxiliary, Pattern and Exploded. Multi-View relates to external surfaces of an object. Section Views show an imaginary plane cut through an object. This is often useful to show voids in an object. Auxiliary Views are required where a surface is not in line with the three major axes and needs its own auxiliary projection plane to show the features correctly. Pattern Views, sometimes called developments, show the size and shape of a flat piece of material needed for later bending or folding into a three dimensional shape. Exploded Views are technical drawing of an object that show the relationship or order of assembly of the various parts. It shows the components of an object slightly separated by distance, or suspended in surrounding space in the case of a three-dimensional exploded diagram. We work to the highest technical standards and appreciate the need for unambiguous communication in the preparation of functional documents.


The tendency for construction projects, particularly major projects, to suffer inaccurate cost estimates is well documented. We are convinced that our expert assessment of costs offers huge benefits, particularly with cost becoming more critical. There is more pressure than ever to optimise return on investment, to ensure affordability and to choose the right projects to procure or bid.  

We can produce cost estimates at all stages of the project lifecycle. Our construction know-how enables us to understand what is required to deliver a project and the inherent risks to time and budget. We believe this understanding is essential, particularly at the early stages of a project when there may be little information available.

We work closely with our contracts, purchasing and design departments. By combining cost engineering expertise with specialist construction know-how, we are able to appreciate the idiosyncrasies of a project or programme. This gives our clients real insight and decision-support.